Burgerino con Fragole

 - Strawberries (aside from delicious, plan them to be fridge-cold and about the size of a bite)
 - Goat cheese
 - Prosciutto
 - Pesto

 - Rotate each strawberry to choose the side-up (the nicest part of it). On the opposite side, cut a thin slice out of the strawberry (this will help it to stand still and not flip over).
 - Then cut the strawberry in two. You now have the two “buns”.
 - Add a thin slice of goat cheese, and prosciutto to your desire (I stick to a thin slice folded three ways).
 - Add a bit of pesto on top. Alternatively, you may want to use some fresh basil leaf.

 - Serve on a slice of cucumber. Cut the cucumber diagonally for maximum effect. Use the bottom slice from each strawberry (the one you removed first) for another spot of red.