Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs

I recently discovered that I love eggs in three different ways. First, in cakes and desserts (who doesn't!). Second, I really enjoy Deviled Eggs. And finally, I am a big fan of soft-boiled eggs, which in my opinion are when the whites have an almost solid consistency, while the yolks are runny.

The eggs to be boiled can be either straight from the fridge , or they could have been kept at room temperature for a few minutes, for example while the water was heating up. Please note that adding too many cold eggs in a smaller pot lowers the water temperature, which can lead to undercooking; to be safe, do not boil more than two eggs at a time, or use a very large pot with a lot of water, such that adding the eggs does not make much of a difference.

 - Eggs
 - Salt
 - For decoration: colorful accompanying veggies (tomatoe, cucumber, bell pepper) and cheese

 - Bring water to a boil in a medium pot. Reduce the heat to medium.
 - Carefully add the eggs to the boiling water, and set a timer for precisely six minutes.
 - Once the time is up, promptly remove the eggs from the boiling water and place them for one minute in a bowl with cold water. This stops the cooking, such that the egg yolks do not firm further.
 - Serve immediately, as they're perfect in both temperature and texture.

 - I prefer using egg cups to serve the soft-boiled eggs. The reason is that it makes it easy to start enjoying the egg from one end, with a spoon and a bit of salt, while still having your hands free to grab other foods that go with it.
 - I chose to present the egg on a yellow plate with an interesting pattern all around it: the color matches that of the yolk, while the pattern adds visual complexity to the fairly basic dish.
 - Finally, I placed some cheese and veggies all around the plate: they add freshness and complement the egg, while also contributing some color to the presentation. I recommend a variety of basic colors: green/white from cucumbers, red from tomatoes, green/yellow/orange/red from bell peppers, alongside the light color from the cheese.

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