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Crepes is what a great brunch tasted like for me, as a kid. The secret is in both the number and diversity: number because you'll end up doing a bunch of crepes anyway, and diversity because there is no limit to the variety of homemade jellies you can find in a Romanian pantry. So, tell your family to prepare for a real feast this weekend, and give this simple recipe a try.

 - 2 cups flour
 - 3 eggs
 - 2 cups milk
 - Pinch of salt
 - Cooking oil
 - Fruit jams

 - Place the flour in a large deep bowl.
 - Break the eggs separately and mix the whites and yolks.
 - Add the egg mixture over the flour, and mix till uniform.
 - Slowly add the milk and the pinch of salt, and mix till uniform.
 - Note: when ready, the consistency should be similar to that of sour cream. Add a bit more flour (if too thin) or milk (if too thick) as needed, and mix.
 - Coat a frying pan with oil (I place the oil in a small cup, then dip a folded paper towel into it, and then use it to coat the pan.
 - Heat up the pan (I use slightly higher than medium heat - you want to fry, not to burn).
 - Use a soup ladle to place the mix in the non-stick frying pan. The mix should form a very thin uniform layer - tilt the pan as needed to achieve this. For the 9.5 inches pan I use, filling the ladle with the mix to about three quarters is just about right.
 - After about a minute of frying, shake the pan horizontally until the mixture is free to move from the pan.  Keep frying until the bottom side is cooked (gently lift a side with a fork, and check the bottom). Once the bottom does not look moist anymore, flip the crepe and fry until the other side is done as well. Note: "not moist" is different from burned. :)
 - Remove the crepe from the frying pan, and repeat the process: coat the pan with oil again, heat up, and prepare the next crepe.
 - Stack the crepes on a plate, and periodically flip the whole stack over - this helps to keep them warm and soft.

 - Top each crepe with a layer of fruit jam, and roll it. Serve them while still warm.
 - Optionally, top them with some power sugar, and present them next to small colorful fruits.

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  1. good job ... go ahead.
    invite me in your country when you cook from this chart. actually i am Bangladeshi.