Deviled Eggs

 - Eggs
 - Mustard
 - Fresh dill or parsley
 - Olive oil
 - Ground pepper
 - [optional] Turkey breast

 - Boil the egs. Then cut each in two (on the long edge), and separate whites from yolk.
 - In a separate bowl, mix yolk with mustard (about a teaspoon per yolk, or more/less as desired), chopped dill or parsley, a bit of olive oil, ground pepper, and optionally the turkey breast.
 - With a spoon, use the mixture to fill the eggs.

 - To add some more color, decorate the plate with some parsley. Optionally, you can add some sliced tomato, raspberry, or a small piece of boiled red beed topped with a drop of balsamic vinegar for a splash of red on each egg.