Poached Egg

 - Bread (one slice per each egg)
 - Goat cheese
 - Kale leaves
 - Eggs
 - Garlic
 - Butter
 - Olive oil
 - Spices: salt and pepper
 - Shredded prosciutto & parmesan
 - Balsamic vinegar

Part 1: The bed of kale
 - Tear the kale leaves into chunks.
 - Slice the garlic.
 - In a pan, gently fry the garlic in a bit of olive oil (till it starts to turn a darker yellow color).  We don't need it garlicky, we need it to be sweet.
 - Add the kale, a pinch of salt and pepper, and a couple of tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.
 - Mix everything and fry for another couple of minutes.
 - Remove from heat when the kale starts to loose some of its firmness, and place on a paper towel to discard some of the oil.

Part 2: The poached egg
Note: the problem with poaching eggs is that the egg whites keep spreading everywhere.  To deal with this, use some aluminum foil as follows: fold it a couple of times, then wrap it into a cylinder (like a bottomless glass, and about the same size).  We'll poach the eggs inside.
 - In a medium-sized pot, bring some water to a boil.
 - Place the cylinder into the water.  Make sure the cylinder is not completely covered (if so, discard some of the water).
 - Break an egg in a small dish, then place it inside of the cylinder.
 - Let the egg boil for about 4 minutes.
 - Remove the egg and place on a paper tower to discard extra water.
 - Repeat for each egg you want to poach.

Part 3: Putting everything together
 - Toast the slices of bread
 - Spread a bit of butter over the toast (while it's still warm).
 - Spread a thin layer of goat cheese over each slice of bread
 - Add a layer of the garlic and kale mixture over the goat cheese
 - Add the poached egg
 - Add salt and pepper
 - Top with shredded prosciutto and parmesan.

 - I love to break the eggs and let the yolk flow freely.
 - As I like the yolk with feta cheese, I add a few small cubes of feta as islands in the ocean of yolk.  :)