- One egg
 - One large tomato
 - Lettuce
 - Sliced dill pickles
 - Hamburger buns
 - Salt and pepper
 - Ketchup & mustard.
 - Prosciutto & parmesan (optional)
 - Chips (for presentation)

 - Grill the hamburger buns on the inside.
 - Place the lower hamburger bun on a clean plate.
 - Place a slice of tomato on the lower bun.
 - Add a few sliced dill pickles on top.
 - Cook the egg on both sides, and place it over the tomato.
 - Add salt and pepper to taste.
 - Optionally, add prosciutto and parmesan. This Italian twist gives the recipe a fresh flavor.
 - Add a leaf of lettuce.
 - Add some ketchup and/or mustard if you please.
 - Finally, top everything with the upper hamburger bun.
 - Serve before it gets cold.

 - Surround the eggburger with colorful potato chips.