Smoked Kabanos with Mujdei and Carrot/Potato Medley

 - Smoked kabanosy (other sausages work pretty well too)
 - Potatoes (preferably medley heirloom potatoes, can find them at Trader Joe's or maybe at your local farmers' market)
 - Baby carrots
 - Colorful Mujdei

 - Cut the baby carrots into pieces, and boil half-way (maybe 15-20 minutes).
 - Cut the potatoes into cubes (about the same size as the carrot pieces).
 - Sprinkle some olive oil into a pan, and add the carrots and potatoes. Put in the oven at 350 for some 30 minutes. Check regularly, and try with a fork for when ready (the fork will easily go in the potatoes when ready to serve).
 - Add salt and pepper over the potato/carrot mix. For a yummy reddish tint, either finish them in the over at high temperature (450-500F) for 5 minutes, or add a bit of ground cayenne or chili pepper.
 - Separately, fry the kabanosy (or prepare them to your liking - maybe grill?)

 - Serve the potato/carrot mix on a plate, next to the kabanosy, and top everything with mujdei.
 - A bit of rosemary could add another splash of green to the dish.