Summer Salad | Salata de Vara

 - Cherry tomatoes
 - Green bell pepper
 - Ceta cheese
 - Cucumber
 - Garlic
 - Fresh dill
 - Olive oil
 - Salt and pepper
 - One large beef tomato (for presentation)
[Note: proportions for this recipe can be easily adjusted to each and everyone's taste.]

 - Dice the cherry tomatoes, green bell pepper, and cucumber. Mix and place them in a bowl.
 - Cube some feta cheese and add into the mix.
 - Slice a few garlic cloves, and add into the mix. You can use onion instead, if you prefer it to garlic.
 - Finely chop the fresh dill, and add to the mix.
 - Add olive oil, salt (carefully - the feta is already salty) and pepper.
 - Mix slightly. We want the flavors to combine, and a bit of mixed juice from the ingredients to form.

 - Cut the top off of a large beef tomato. Carve out the interior (can be used in the salad too, instead of the cherry tomatoes).
 - Place the salad inside, and serve.