Mushroom Pizza | Pizza pe Ciuperca

 - 2 large portobello mushrooms (I buy mine from Trader Joe's)
 - 3-4 cherry tomatoes
 - 2-3 garlic cloves
 - 1 sausage (I prefer smoked or spicy)
 - Shredded cheese
 - Spices: salt, pepper, chili pepper

 - Clean the portobello mushrooms, and remove the stipes (this will create more space for the ingredients).
 - Heat the oven to 400F.
 - Cover a large flat baking pan with aluminum foil, then place the mushrooms on top.
 - Cook the mushrooms in the oven for 35 minutes.
 - Remove the mushrooms from the oven.  You may discard the liquid in the mushroom caps.
 - Finely chop the tomatoes and the garlic cloves, and add on top of the mushrooms.
 - Add salt, pepper, and chili pepper.
 - Slices the sausage, and place it on top of the mushroom pizza.
 - Cook for another 15 minutes if the sausage was pre-cooked, or 25 if it was not.
 - Remove from the oven, and top with shredded cheese.  Serve before it gets cold.

 - The beautiful colors of this dish are greatly complimented by greens.  Serve it next to spinach or kale.
 - When spicy, this recipe goes really well with a glass of cold beer.